Utah Polygraph Association Bylaws and Constitution

February 18, 2004


The President and governing board may appoint active members to standing committees to conduct specific business of the Utah Polygraph Association, (UPA).

The President and governing board shall serve as or shall appoint a quality review committee whenever a situation arises requiring an official review of an examination conducted by a polygraph examiner.

Public criticism regarding professional conduct of one member by another, other than before the Committee of Standards and Ethics or the Board of Directors, in writing and signed by the writer, is condemned and expressly forbidden for all UPA members.

Any member who knowingly makes a false certification or endorsement regarding an applicant's eligibility and/or qualifications, will be subject to termination of membership.

Robert's Rules of Order will be used as a guideline for conduction all official meetings of the UPA.


Article I: Designation

The name of this Association shall be the Utah Polygraph Association herein referred to as the UPA.

Article II: Objectives

  1. To support and develop cooperation of all associations and individuals that share the views and concerns of the UPA;
  2. To act as a voice for polygraph in the Utah legislature or on legislative matters;
  3. To provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information relative to polygraph;
  4. To facilitate the participation of polygraph examiners in training sessions and in service seminars by maintaining the costs of such training vehicles at the lowest possible levels, and utilizing governmental facilities whenever legal and feasible;
  5. To increase professionalism among its members via application of membership requirements that reflect the highest codes of ethics and morality;
  6. To assist by input and concern the licensing and/or regulating agencies that do now or may in the future license and/or regulate polygraph examiners in Utah.

Article III: Officers and Board of Directors

  1. The Officers of the UPA shall be:
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary/Treasurer
  2. The President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer shall hold their respective offices for a term of one (1) year being elected at the annual seminar by ballots cast by eligible members, or until their respective successors in office have been duly elected or appointed as the case may be.
  3. Only Active members are eligible for election to any office, provided they possess the qualification requirements
  4. The business of the Utah Polygraph Association shall be conducted by a Board of Directors The Board of Directors shall consist of:
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary/Treasurer
    4. Immediate Past President
  5. Three or more members meeting and voting in session will constitute a quorum.
  6. All decisions concerning the application of policy and procedures of UPA, will be decided by the majority of voting Association Officers.
  7. The Officers of UPA will meet in session at least twice per calendar year once during the summer and once during the winter, and at any other times when a special. session is called by the President.
  8. All Officers of the UPA will serve without compensation.
  9. The President will act as Chief Executive of the Board.
  10. The Secretary/Treasurer shall keep the records and minutes of UPA, included but not limited to, a complete and accurate accounting of the proceedings of meetings, receive all moneys due the UPA and its members. She/He shall be responsible for correspondence relating to UPA and issue notices of all meetings of the UPA and Board of Directors. She/He shall keep a current record of the membership and will insure publication of an annual roster to be furnished eligible members annually. She/He will keep a record of all financial transactions of the UPA and perform all other duties normally performed by a Secretary/Treasurer. She/He will issue to each new member, a certificate of membership which shall remain the property of UPA and upon payment of current dues, a membership card and certificate validation indicator that indicates the year of validation. She/He shall draw and sign warrants for expenses of UPA. All expenses associated with the official functions of the office will be paid by UPA. She/He will personally file a report yearly and as otherwise directed by the Board of Directors.
  11. The Directors will have the responsibility of transacting the business between meetings. They are subordinate to UPA and must abide by constitutional rulings.

Article IV: Membership

  1. Membership in UPA is divided into FOUR (4) Classes:
    1. Active
    2. Affiliate
    3. Honorary
    4. Retired
  2. Active Members
    1. Active members of UPA will be polygraph examiners who are licensed to practice polygraph in Utah and shall include both Government and private examiners.
    2. Active members are authorized to vote in general matters affecting the UPA.
  3. Affiliate Members
    1. Affiliate members will be any person other than a polygrapher who demonstrates a genuine interest in polygraph.
    2. Affiliate members may also include polygraph manufacturers or representatives or other persons who may be involved in instrument or technique research.
    3. Affiliate members are ineligible to vote in any matters concerning UPA.
  4. Honorary Members
    1. Honorary membership may be granted by a unanimous vote of the Officers of UPA to any person who is deemed to contribute to UPA in a manner of such magnitude as to be considered superlative and unique.
    2. No annual fee shall be levied upon or charged against an Honorary Member and such member shall not be entitled to vote.
  5. Retired Members
    1. Retired membership shall consist of any former Active Member of UPA who retires honorably from the practice of polygraph.
    2. Retired members are authorized to vote in general matters affecting UPA

The Membership Committee shall have the authority to promulgate such rules as it deems necessary, with the advise and consent of the Board of Directors. In absence of a Membership Committee, the Secretary/Treasurer, with the advise of the president, may assume the responsibility for membership application processing.

Article V: Annual Fees and Voting Rights

  1. The annual membership fee shall be fixed at a general meeting and shall be payable by each member, not otherwise excluded, upon receipt of the statement from the secretary / treasurer who shall issue an official receipt for such payments.
  2. Any non-member or member in default of payment of annual fees shall not be entitled to attend any meeting of the UPA, or to be listed in the membership directory.

Article VI: Compliance with the Constitution

  1. Every member of UPA, upon admittance to membership, shall be deemed to have agreed to comply with the Constitution as hereby established and undertakes to maintain it.
  2. Members shall have the right to a fair and impartial hearing before the Board when a written grievance is made to the Board of Directors. A member may file a letter of grievance in any case in which unlawful activities or moral turpitude involves a member of UPA The President shall direct the gathering of credible information for presentation to the Board of Directors. A member accused of unlawful conduct or moral turpitude shall have the right to present credible evidence in rebuttal to an complaint. The Board of Directors shall hear the issue and the voting membership shall ratify any expulsion. In minor matters, not worthy of expulsion, a member may be censured by the Board of Directors by a majority vote.

Article VII: Application for Membership

Any person qualified to become a member of UPA as defined in Article IV herein, may make application in such form and manner as the Board of Directors may from time to time prescribe.