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Spring Conference 2016

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The Utah Polygraph Association 2016 Spring Conference will be held at the Salt Lake City Hilton Garden Inn located at 256 W 600 S Salt Lake City, Utah (Contact the Hotel directly for lodging reservations 1 (801) 364-5200). 24 hours of Continuing Education will be available featuring the following Instructors and Topics:

Interview and Interrogation
Milton O. "Skip" Webb
April 6, 2016 8 hours

Structured interviews, reports and risk assessment
Brian Strickland
April 7, 2016 4 hours

Successive Hurdles Screening for Credibility Assessment with EyeDetect & Polygraph
Russ Warner VP of Operations, Converus
April 7, 2016 2 hours

Utah Polygraph Association Business Meeting
April 7, 2016 2 hours

Test Data Analysis including line length, PLE, scoring rules and P-Values
Reducing inconclusives including Interview, Target Selection, Mind Mapping and PLE

Guillermo Witte
April 8, 2016, 8 hours